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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mermaid Friends Girl's Top

I am so excited that I now have fabric printed with my illustrations and made into a girl’s top! My new Mermaid Friends top provides a fresh and fashionable look for the season. Made from custom printed cotton fabric, this fun, sleeveless top features my original illustrations of the three Mermaid Friends:  Britani, Trina and Ava, along with other sea creatures. The top is available in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 6 and 8.  [Photo credit:  PMB]
Let me know what you think, and which of my other designs you would like to see on fabric.  :-)


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photoshoot with the Fregoso Girls

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the Fregoso girls. Keira and Gaby modeled my wristlets. They were professional, cute and silly—making it the perfect session! My hubby was the photographer and the Fregoso mom, Michelle, and I directed the shoot. Occasionally Keira directed Gaby! But I particularly loved it when the girls' personalities came out and Harold captured great candid shots.

What great kids!

Check out the wristlets and pick one that looks just like YOUR girl! They are available with 11 different girls of different skin tones, hair colors and hair styles!

Each wristlet measures 8.5" x 5", is made of cotton fabric, is fully lined with cotton and includes interfacing for structure and durability. There is a zipper closure. The fabric was custom designed and printed, featuring Stacey M Design's Lil Girlfriends collection.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year it was such a pleasure filling orders for Valentine’s Day cards. In less than one month, I received over 125 orders for Valentine’s Day cards. The total amount of cards that I made was over 3000! (I think my right thumb is permanently red and swollen from rounding all of those corners! LOL!)

This year, the most popular collection for girls was the Ballerina Girl, and for boys the Hockey Dude. I also created a few special designs, including a Lady Bug themed collection.

Thank you for so many kind words about the Valentine’s Day cards. It is truly heart-warming and satisfying to hear how excited your kiddies are about their Valentine’s Day cards that “look just like them!” Hockey moms have told me that their sons are thrilled to have hockey-themed Valentine's Day cards with their uniform numbers on them. Other moms have told me that it is nice to have the kid wearing glasses or with freckles.

I hope all the kiddies enjoy their Valentine's Day parties!



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Volunteer with Us!

On Tuesday, December 28th, Stacey M Design, along with several friends, will volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, in Aurora, IL. It will be the 3rd consecutive year that Stacey M Design and friends worked at the Aurora location of the Minnesota-based nonprofit.

Feed My Starving Children works tirelessly to provide food to children around the world. Volunteers hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. The food packs are then shipped overseas and distributed to children.

I enjoy working with FMSC not only because of its mission. But I also enjoy it because children are encouraged to volunteer. As a mom it has always been important to me for my son to grow up understanding that not all people have the necessities of life that we enjoy and often take for granted. Volunteering at FMSC helps kids understand the role they can play in solving global problems. Before the food packing begins, staff of FMSC explains to the volunteers about its mission and present a video that shows the dire situation of malnourished children and the amazing transformation of the children once they receive food provided by FMSC.

Today I was particularly excited to hear this from my friend, Hazel, who volunteered last year along with her 6 year old son:

Nikolas has to do an oral presentation this week on something they did for another person and how it made them feel. He is choosing to speak about the time he went to Feed My Starving Children and helped make food for those children in need. Looking forward to it again this holiday season!! Thanks for including us--apparently, it did have an impact!”

Overall the experience is moving and enriching. I invite those in the Aurora/Naperville area to join us on December 29th. If you would like to volunteer with us, please let me know by posting a note on Facebook.

If you cannot join us on the 29th, please check out FMSC’s website for volunteer opportunities across the country.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School List

Whether you ordered your little student’s school supplies through your PTA or bought them from Target, here are a few must have back to school items that you can only get from Stacey M Design! Check out the list:

1. Mommy Cards: Great for giving to other moms at PTA meetings, the bus stop or at volunteer activities to set up play dates.

2. Money for School Envelopes: An easy way to send money to school for field trips, fundraisers, school store, etc.

3. Note from Mom Note Pads: Need to jot a quick note to your child's teacher? These notepads will come in handy!

4. Luggage Tags: Great for identifying backpacks, instrument cases, gym bags and lunch bags.

5. School Folders: These school folders are customized with your child's name and an image that resembles your child! They are great for holding papers related to extracurricular sports, dance or music lessons

6. Journals: The journals are customized with your child's name and an image that resembles your child! Your child will use them for writing his or her own special thoughts, short stories, poetry of for jotting down information related to extracurricular activities.

All of Stacey M Design's back to school products are customized with a name and an image that resembles your child! You pick the hair color, hair style and skin tone. We will also add freckles, bows or glasses at your request!

Stacey Montgomery
Stacey M Design

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